Sunday, April 27, 2014

Lets start again

I feel completely energized and have started again.
This am was 300 KB swings to start .

The possibility of being stronger , leaner, and all around better is real!
and I shall make it so !

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Basics and foundation work

I can hardly believe its been 10 months since I last posted something here.

Yes I am making a new start after getting stuck for several months with not making any gains with strength training or weight loss.

I have begun the 9 day isagenix clense. Today is day 3. So far so good

I have been back to basics with my training program.
Foam rolling.
calves, hamstrings,glutes,quads,and back
Next up, crawling 10 lengths forward on my knees and ten back
Crawling ten lengths forward on toes knees up and ten back.
Goblet squats with focus on depth, slow deliberate squats for ten reps
10 shoulder shrugs
10 knights table
10 kneeling halo each side
10 kneeling presses each side
5 half turkish getups focus on hold for count of 5
for 5 rounds

I have been able to get in 3X per week for three weeks.
Most prominent thing I have noticed is mood.
I am sad most of the time. Family has noticed so most likely others have also.
I am near to the place I was two years ago before starting any strength training at all.and its not a place I want to return too.
So there is no doubt that strength training has been my medicine for good mental health !

This week we get to add in some kettle bell swings at the end of the previous list.
Hopefully this helps with the mood to keep me encouraged to trust my trainer and get to the days when some strength and conditioning gets added in .

best hopes my mind holds out.
I count it a victory every time I get some training in.
Certainly has become a mountain of a struggle these days.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

another small victory


Sipping  my frozen recovery shake of organic cherries/ wild blueberries, spring water, ice and protein powder is sweet reward !

For what ? Hummm first I started by talking myself into a solo attempt to complete my running trainer's list for me. Altho this should have been timed and complete in 45 min or less , I focused on " just complete it lady"! Hahaha
I did make a few modifications along the way , when your as old as I am its allowed. ^_^

The new track in Plainfield is the place.
I began with 1 warm up lap- brisk walk

1 lap easy pace jog
1/2 lap of high knees at corner, ten steps, 10 high knees on the straight away
1/2 lap of butt kicks at corner, ten steps 10 butt kicks on the straight away
1 lap backward walk at corners, backwards easy pace jog on straight away
1 lap steady pace jog
1 lap walk
water break, pace around a bit ......if I kept moving I figured I'd be ok vs sprawling flat on the most welcoming grass in the center of the track to rest and someone calling 911 Ha!

next the FUN part !
10 bleacher runs ~ a favorite
1 lap easy jog
1/2 lap sprint on straight away, jog corner
1/2 lap grape vines on straight away and back
1 lap easy jog.

water break
dry the sweat dripping into my eyes
then this song came on called Intro by  The xx and I managed to feel like some air squats
did 5 sets of 10.

My best guess is 45 min total unofficial time
round trip 90 min and its just 10-12 min ride to get there

Feeling proud of me-myself and I !
Yes I can be my own motivator---- Music helps also !
Truth be told I prefer small groups. ^_^

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Return from two week time off

and so after two weeks of travel and being on the injured list with shoulder pain....this week began with squats and deadlifts on Tuesday

Ohh it felt so good to get back into this !

Wed was 1 mile run and my quads are screaming at me !
The plan ?
Yogurt with some flax seed meal.
Egg white omelet with spinach and garlic.
Lots of water ! and continue high protein throughout the day.
I may also try some floor exercises and see how this shoulder holds up.
I miss my strength and conditioning training days , and want healing to this shoulder.

Warrior Dash is in Sept and prep time is now !

Friday, July 6, 2012

Pressing on

Today I will drink more pure clean water.
Today I will stretch my muscles.
Today I will again give my best effort at all I do.

And so now I deal with some injuries.
First the shoulder, not certain how but its hurty, and the loss of strength is disheartening.
My strength training does more to keep my mind upbeat and suppose we will find a way to work around this till I'm 100% again.
Now the leg cramp !
I felt so great after the warm up lap of light jog on the straight section of the track, and high knees at the first corner, then butt kicks at the other corner. 
Then a full lap, 4 bleacher runs ( tough at the top of the fourth) , but do love those !
Now water break, catch my breath a bit as I pace around, and off for the next lap. 
Feeling great !
Nice easy jog and bang ! My left calf cramps up and I'm hobbled.
walking became heel only and stretching painful.
I continued to stretch it and the cramp released some, but still painful to touch and no walking on the front part of the foot or the cramp resumes.

Home I go, banana , water, and stretch...
Milk, warm compress, and still very tender and walking a challenge.

Now it's morning, and walking is better, but still a challenge.

Remedy ?
Lots of water today , with a splash of apple cider vinegar.
Stretch when I can through out the day.
Try again with the run.

I am so close to being able to run a mile, I just can not let this grow in the mind as a negative.
I want that mile ! 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I have been taking baby steps and would really like to see a giant step in my near future .
Great workout with my trainer today.
Looks like this

135 x 12
205 x 8
235 x 3
205 x 6
Come on 300 !!!

Flat Bench
95 x 8
95 x 6
95 x 6

Wide Hammer Press
50 x 12 X3

Cable Crossover
30 x 12
30 x 8
30 x 10

115 x 12
135 x 12
135 x 12

90 x 15 X3

Narrow Grip Pull Down
80 x 10
80 x 8

DB Row
35 x 10
35 x 10

Floor wipers
Body Weight 30 seconds 
Pikes Body Weight 30 seconds X2

Monday, June 4, 2012

Dead lifts are among my favorite exercises,so much so that you'd think I would be lifting much heavier by now. But wanting to do this the "right" way, no breaking form is most important. No injuries ! No setbacks ! Here is what today's strength training consisted of.

Dead lifts 135 12 reps
225 4 reps X 3

Squats and I am still mind blocking my ability to get below parallel !
115 for 10
135 10 X 2

90 X15
100 X15
100 X 14

Flat Bench
95 X8
95 X5
95 X5
65 X18

Incline Hammer Press
50 X8
50 X8
50 X6

Cable Flys
20 X12 X3

Lat Pulldown
90 X5
80 X8

Bent Over Row
85 X8 X3

Toe touch and I seriously suck wind on this one !
Couldn't even get my back off the floor
Best effort and it was ugly for 60 seconds

Floor Wipers
60 seconds